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Events are all about the experience. Event websites are all about getting people interested in that experience through well comprised information architecture, content and accessibility. A great design is the icing on the cake.

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State Fair of West Virginia Website Redesign

Nashville Interactive originally designed the State Fair of West Virginia’s website nearly five years ago and performed a facelift between then and now. When the time came to fully redesign the site, Rockhouse Partners (and etix) reached out once again. Honored to take on the task, Nashville Interactive provided design and development for the new site.

Flavor! Napa Valley Website Design

This design represents version 1 of the Flavor! Napa Valley website from 2011. Nashville Interactive has since “reskinned” the FNV website for subsequent events. The redesign process keeps the same structure and functionality while utilizing new background imagery, colors and fonts in order to keep costs down.

Always Sisters Forever Brothers Website Design

The Always Sisters Forever Brothers website was designed and developed by Nashville Interactive. It involved a custom WordPress installation for content management and extensive javascript and front-end development. The top-level content is presented in a sliding format to give the user a unique experience. Great care was taken to ensure that the browser back and forward buttons worked with all major browsers and also that deep-linking to top-level content was possible.

Allegan County Fair