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Portfolio: Logo Design

A logo represents the essence of your brand. Logo design is something that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You need a logo and brand that you can be proud of and our diverse artistic styles will ensure that you’ll get the logo you’re looking for.

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Next Logo Design

Creative use of negative space and line weights give this logo for a discreet conceptual aspect alluding to the nature of bipolar disorder.

Justin McBride Logo Design

Musicians and artists have constantly evolving brands that reflect the progress of their careers. Justin McBride needed a fresh take on his existing “JM” bullhorn logo for his new album and website design. The solution was inspired by his bull riding championship belt buckle.

Pristine Building Services Logo Design

Logo and Identity design for a commercial cleaning service. The buildings allude to the commercial aspect of the business while the spray bottle and “streak” through the logo represent the core business services.

Work Media Logo Design

Work Media is an internet marketing company with a light-hearted and hip brand. This logo is based on abstracted pixels that represent the digital aspect of the company as well as its friendly nature.

BorderJump Logo Design

This logo represents the cross-border aspect of the company who provides clients with a simple way to sell products in Latin America. Proposed Logo Design

These proposed logos for are meant to reflect the conversational brand and create a “spokesperson” as a branding element in the small hero magazine reader character.

Interactive Investments Logo Design

Interactive Investments is a global asset management firm that required a logo that evoked feelings of strength and stability. The roman-style column and clean fonts help to achieve this goal. The two “I”s from the business name make up the interior fluting of the column and add a bit of depth as well.

SinkPositive Logo Design

Sink Positive needed a simple logo that reflected the water-saving aspect of the product. A contemporary type treatment was used along with a drip element to represent the nature of the product.

Petersen Insurance Specialties Logo Design

This logo is derived from the Petersen family crest. The target demographic is entertainment industry individuals looking for specially tailored insurance plans and a personal touch. The logo needed to reflect the rich family history while still appealing to the demographic. The traditional shield was used along with more contemporary, stylized icons.

LeanBurn Logo Design

This logo design for Honda Marine is tied in with their fuel efficient marine engine models. The simple gestalt of a drip represents the low fuel use aspect of the engines. This version was a precursor to the final logo.

Vicious Fishes Logo Design

These logos were the product of an exercise to promote a fictional recording studio. They’ve been a staple in the portfolio for many years and will be for many years to come. Not bad for “pretend” logos.