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Portfolio: Website Development

Designing websites is the glamorous part. Developing websites is the fun part. A website design is just a pretty picture until it’s built. Here at Nashville Interactive we do all the development in-house. We use open-source content management systems and up-to-date best practices to ensure that your website works as good as it looks. Once we’re finished, you’ll have a website that you can manage from top to bottom, giving you the power to control your messaging and brand however you see fit.

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State Fair of West Virginia Website Redesign

Nashville Interactive originally designed the State Fair of West Virginia’s website nearly five years ago and performed a facelift between then and now. When the time came to fully redesign the site, Rockhouse Partners (and etix) reached out once again. Honored to take on the task, Nashville Interactive provided design and development for the new site.

Sam Noelle Website Design

Sam Noelle is an up and coming artist with a younger target audience. The light feel of the site reflects her musical style and fun feel for teh brand. For the most part, this is a one-page scrolling site with most key information presented on the homepage, including social media feeds, audio player, bio, etc.

SETEL UC Website Design and Development

SETEL UC provides business communication solutions. The site provides prospective clients details about the SETEL offering as well as access to tech support information and documentation.

Altus UC

this site for Altus UC features a unique layout to present information to users in a memorable way. Content is structured to give a high-level overview and to allow users to dig deeper if they’d like.

Aeropost Connect Website Design

Aeropost handles shipping logistics for major retailers who need access to South America and beyond. This B2B site is targeted at C-level personnel interested in a high-level overview of what Aeropost has to offer. The site is built with mobile in mind using responsive techniques for controlling layout on smaller screens.

Anytakers Sports & Entertainment Website Design

Anytakers provides custom event and sports travel packages to help clients knock out their bucket list. The site has a very photo-centric, visual layout and features responsive design for maximum usability on mobile devices.

Interactive Investments Website Design

Interactive Investments is a global asset management firm in need of a visual brand that represents stability and strength. The project entailed website as well as logo design. A clean layout with large serene photographs and a professional and calming blue color help achieve the goal.

Belmont University Lumos Travel Award Blog

This project for Belmont University entailed custom design and WordPress development as well as migration of 20 individual blogs into a single WordPress installation for greatly simplified user management, maintenance and updates.

Justin McBride Website Design (v2)

Once again, Justin McBride’s team contacted Nashville Interactive for a fresh online presence. The result reflects the growth in Justin’s career via more in-depth content promotion, self-hosted ecommerce store front, self-hosted fan club. We also provide on-going marketing and content management services to keep the fan base engaged. Animated Infographic

Nashville Interactive was contracted to help bring this data to life in an interesting way which ended up being an infographic format. The average infographic is generally a static image but using some javascript fanciness, we were able to create a more compelling user experience with animations, fade-ins, image rotators and more.

The McCollough Family Global Explorers Website Design

“The McCollough Family Global Explorers” says it all. This is a family of well-versed world travelers. Their latest adventure is into the realm of selling products online via an e-commerce enabled website. This website also provides tools such as individual blogs, photo galleries, videos and explorer resources.

Joebros Website Design

Joebros, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides a “Fundraiser in a box” offering. They take care of everything a ministry may need to put on a fundraising event from the music to the food. In the interest of moving the organization forward, Joebros enlisted the services of Nashville Interactive to create a professional, easy-to-update website that would allow them to put their best foot forward. The site features jukeboxes, artist profiles, photo and video galleries and more.

Always Sisters Forever Brothers Website Design

The Always Sisters Forever Brothers website was designed and developed by Nashville Interactive. It involved a custom WordPress installation for content management and extensive javascript and front-end development. The top-level content is presented in a sliding format to give the user a unique experience. Great care was taken to ensure that the browser back and forward buttons worked with all major browsers and also that deep-linking to top-level content was possible.

Krysta Scoggins Website Design

This design was launched by Nashville Interactive in 2009. Krysta has since enlisted our services for a complete redesign to match her new image and branding for her most recent album.

Rajon Rondo Website Development

While Nashville Interactive can’t take credit for the sleek design on Rajon’s site, we’re still proud to have been able to perform the build via an open-source content management system to help assist the record-breaking Star.

Alice Tan Ridley Website Design

She also wowed judges on the popular TV show “America’s Got Talent”. Alice went from the subway to the big stage and needed a website to reflect the progression of her career. The website design draws inspiration from her days of singing in the subways, using fonts and design elements from the NY subway system signage but also reflects the new heights she’s reached as well. The project included design and development of a full site built on a content management system for easy updates.

Flavor! Napa Valley Website Design

This design represents version 1 of the Flavor! Napa Valley website from 2011. Nashville Interactive has since “reskinned” the FNV website for subsequent events. The redesign process keeps the same structure and functionality while utilizing new background imagery, colors and fonts in order to keep costs down.

Rising Star Ranch Website Design

Rising Star Ranch is a Tennessee Walking Horse Breeding Farm located in Shelbyville, TN. The project entailed website design and development and a complete overhaul of their existing site. RSR needed a flexible way to easily manage content including keeping their stallions, news and classified ads up-to-date.