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Why Choose Nashville Interactive For Your Project?

Nashville Interactive is a small, nimble web design company and can provide a more personal, one-on-one experience for your project. While larger agencies may make it appear that your project is in better hands, make no mistake, we’ve paid the bills for a while now by working on projects large and small. As a company, Nashville Interactive has thrived by providing the same if not better product than you would get from larger agencies without the red tape and at a fraction of the cost.

Some things to think about…

Smaller = More Efficient

A lean ship and low overhead means a lower bid for your project. A computer, the internet and a phone are all you really need. We’d rather not pump up quotes to cover the office landscaping bills and kitschy furniture.

Scaleable Team on Demand

A reputable network of strategic partners will fill in any gaps. Much of your project will be handled in-house but when duty calls, Nashville Interactive has lots of professional friends around town to help with the heavy lifting on a project if need be.

Over 15 years building websites and brands.

That means well over a decade of diverse, real-world and agency experience is focused on your project.

À la Carte Services

Nashville Interactive has a very flexible service offering. If you just need website updates or maintenance, no problem. If you have a designer but need a developer or vise-versa, no problem. Just need some consultation and advice, we can make it happen. Looking for someone to handle the entire project soup to nuts, we do that too!

Direct Communication With The Key Players

You’re dealing directly with the designer and developer. (Try doing that at a large agency) This direct interaction limits miscommunication that often pops up when dealing with less-savvy account managers.

Transparency in Website Development

We use open source technologies for every project. Proprietary solutions are fine for enterprise-level sites but probably aren’t worth it for a vast majority of website projects.

You Control Your Own Website

Your site will be set up on your hosting server so you have control. All too often, clients describe a familiar scenario: companies and people who are no longer satisfied with their current website provider but are locked in because their provider hosts the website.

A Vested Interest

Nashville Interactive was built on referral business and happy clients and that’s the way we want to keep it.




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