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Nashville Interactive is a design agency based in Nashville Tennessee and serving a national client base. Web design is our bread and butter but we’re equally comfortable with any sort of graphic design services. Things like logo design, visual branding, online advertising and marketing campaigns are right up our alley as well. Call Chris Bradshaw at (615) 521-1890 for a free quote on your project.

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How does Nashville Interactive work?

No two projects are exactly the same but the fundamental process is constant…

1. Shake hands:
We’ll talk and if the project scope and rough budgets are a good fit for everyone involved, we’ll shake hands and get the project started.

2. Assess the needs:
Nashville Interactive will work with you to create a game plan for your project. Assessing goals, creating wireframes, and compiling content are the foundation of a successful project.

3. Produce the goods:
The production phase of a project is where the magic happens. This is when the visual design, site development, content population, etc. happen.

4. Follow Up:
Most projects are ongoing affairs that need to be reevaluated at regular intervals in order to account for changing goals and needs.

website design & development

We don’t use templates for your website. Each site is custom designed from scratch and tailored to the specific project requirements. Nashville Interactive also advocates open-source technologies for website development so there are none of the recurring fees that come along with sites built on proprietary platforms.

graphic design

Quality graphic design is a always a priority. You can trust that the years of training and real-world experience will be utilized to create designs that serve your goals while standing out from the competition.

logo & identity design

Having a great looking visual brand can be the difference between new customers for you or loosing a customer to a competitor. We’ve worked on a wide variety of projects from corporate brand design to band logo design and everything in between. Let Nashville Interactive help you create a cohesive brand that speaks to your audience.

ecommerce solutions

Selling online can be for everyone and there’s a solution for any budget. From a simple paypal button to a complete, fully integrated online storefront, Nashville Interactive can take care of your ecommerce website design.

search engine optimization

Good search engine optimization ensures that your website will be found. Having meta tags isn’t enough. In competitive markets, achieving good search rankings is an ongoing effort that needs to be managed closely. We can help you get found.

advertising and marketing {online & print}

We’ve worked on national advertising and marketing campaigns for musicians and corporate clients alike. There’s been Magazine ad design, TV commercials, Pay Per Click campaigns, web banner ad design and so much more.

online content management

A great looking design is nothing without well composed, relevant content. Content creation is an important and time consuming task that will make the difference between a good experience and a terrible one. Nashville Interactive can help create any or all of your content so you can focus on other things.

promotional videos and animations

Promotional videos and animations can put your brand above the rest. Nashville Interactive can create a compelling and memorable experience for your viewers.

site analytics and consulting

Tracking and understanding your website’s statistics is key to achieving goals. Nashville Interactive can analyze your site’s performance and tune things for an optimal user experience.

html email design & development

Email marketing is an inexpensive and effective way to get your message across to your audience and we offer email newsletter design and development to fit the bill.

copy writing

Good copy sells products and converts customers. Nashville Interactive can work with you to create memorable copy that sets the right tone for your message.

It’s all about the brand.

We’re a web design company based in Nashville Tennessee and serving a national client base. We help to build strong brands through custom website design & development, logo design, marketing, advertising and pretty much anything else that has to do with making you look good.

But talk is cheap. Scroll down to see the work…


Kelly Clarkson Website Design

This project for Kelly Clarkson of American Idol fame, involved the design of the website and other supporting materials. This design is from earlier in Kelly’s career when the audience skewed younger and female which dictated the playful brighter pink and purple color scheme.

Jason Aldean Website Design

Country music star Jason Aldean needed an updated website design that reflected the evolution of his career. The design achieved this via a cleaner more organized architecture. This project included site design and design and development of supporting elements such as html email templates and html-based landing pages. While Jason’s website has evolved from the original design, this version of is still worth a spot in the portfolio.

Guard Your Buddy Website and Mobile App Design

Nashville Interactive is proud to have been a part of The website is dedicated to helping our troops in the TN National Guard cope with the huge life changes that accompany their service. The primary goal of the website is suicide prevention while also providing resources to help manage the various aspects of life that can quickly become overwhelming these days. Nashville Interactive handled the website design, logo design and initial mobile app design.

Justin McBride Website Design (v2)

Once again, Justin McBride’s team contacted Nashville Interactive for a fresh online presence. The result reflects the growth in Justin’s career via more in-depth content promotion, self-hosted ecommerce store front, self-hosted fan club. We also provide on-going marketing and content management services to keep the fan base engaged. Animated Infographic

Nashville Interactive was contracted to help bring this data to life in an interesting way which ended up being an infographic format. The average infographic is generally a static image but using some javascript fanciness, we were able to create a more compelling user experience with animations, fade-ins, image rotators and more.

Colbie Caillat Website Design

Colbie Caillat wanted an environmental site design themed around a “Colbie’s Room” concept. In order to achieve a stylized look, the site was designed and built using over 30 composited stock images acquired from varying sources. Unfortunately this design was replaced after over two years on the web. All good things must come to an end.

Gretchen Wilson Website Design

Nashville Interactive was contracted to design country music star Gretchen Wilson’s website. The new site sports a contemporary look with large background images and a classy, dark feel.

Diddy Blog Website Design is the online home for stories of inspiration, triumph and positivity sponsored by Mr. Sean “Puffy/Diddy/Puff Daddy/etc.” Combs. A design was developed that allows the visual imagery and videos to tell the stories with little interference from unnecessary design elements. In order to keep the design clean, the site’s main navigation is located under a super-dropdown “MORE” menu. Nashville Interactive was contracted to help out with the site and played a large role in the design and development.

The McCollough Family Global Explorers Website Design

“The McCollough Family Global Explorers” says it all. This is a family of well-versed world travelers. Their latest adventure is into the realm of selling products online via an e-commerce enabled website. This website also provides tools such as individual blogs, photo galleries, videos and explorer resources.

Amanda Nagurney Website and CD Packaging Design

Amanda Nagurney needed a website that reflected her maturing career and that could be updated easily. The solution was a self-hosted, open-source content management system. This means that Amanda controls her own website and doesn’t have to worry about being locked-in to proprietary software which often involve fairly hefty fees for hosting, ongoing maintenance and licensing.

CeCe Winans Website Design

This website for Christian Musician CeCe Winans represents her music and “brand” through its clean and classy layout. Large promotional photography serves as a focal point against the largely black and white design. Website development was part of the project and the site was built using an open source content management system to allow the client to fully control their site and make updates with ease. The site includes a Flash jukebox, user commenting and message boards to give fans a more interactive experience.