Why Most Business Owners Don’t Know What Works Online

Spend time with the average business owner or executive and you’ll learn that most of them are excited about the opportunities associated with digital marketing but aren’t too sure about the execution. In other words, they know they want to participate, but might not have the knowledge or experience needed to find success on Google,… Read More »

An Old-School Approach to Social Media Marketing

Are you the type of business owner who would rather deal with customers face-to-face than over Facebook? Are you more interested in generating consistent revenue than going viral? If so, we work with a lot of people just like you. One of the things we try to help them understand is that social media marketing… Read More »

Should You Be Paying for Phone and Website Apps?

Small business owners tend to be a thrifty bunch. That’s a good thing – you have to be if you want to keep turning a profit with limited resources. However, the instinct to save money can actually be a bit too strong in some situations. For example, we have noticed that many entrepreneurs are resistant… Read More »

A Different Way to Think About Online Ads

We meet with business owners and executives every week who share a common goal: each of them wants more people who look like their best customers to find them online. In other words, they need more of the right kinds of web traffic. When we recommend they consider using online ads, however, many of these… Read More »

How to Win at Online Marketing by Shrinking It Down

Are you one of those business owners who feel completely overwhelmed by online marketing? Does it seem like the endless cycle of blogging, creating social posts, and managing digital ads is wearing you down? If so, we might have a simple solution that can help. Instead of trying to plan a year or more into… Read More »

Is It Time to Start Thinking About PPC Advertising Differently?

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to catch yourself thinking in black-and-white terms when it comes to your company? Often, it seems as if you need to make a permanent decision on whether or not to use a tool or process, rather than deciding whether – or how – something could benefit you… Read More »

Mouth Watering Website TheFlyFarm.com Launches Offering Wagyu Beef Delivery and Much, Much More

Nashville Interactive had the distinct pleasure of partnering with The Fly Farm in College Grove, Tennessee in order to create an updated online presence. TheFlyFarm.com offers a convenient online home for details on the broad services and products that the Fly Family offers through multiple locations in Middle Tennessee. The most delicious of these is… Read More »

Millsaps College Enlists Nashville Interactive for an Updated Website

Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi recently enlisted the website development services of Nashville Interactive to help give them better control over their online presence. The project entailed migrating a hard-coded website onto a content management system to allow for much quicker and easier updates. Along with custom development, the project also called for a slight… Read More »

Nashville Interactive Teams Up With Wofford College for a Brand New Wofford.edu

We’re no stranger to helping out institutions of higher learning with their online presence, having worked on projects for Belmont University and The University of Pennsylvania. Our latest venture into the education realm involved front-end development for the newly redesigned Wofford College website. Since The Wofford Terriers and App State (my alma mater) were in… Read More »

The Annual Blog Post!

Someone once said: “Do as I say, not as I do”. And while that statement represents hypocrisy at its finest, I’m using it right now anyway especially where content-marketing, creation and news/blog posts are concerned. I just realized that it’s been almost one full year since there’s been any new blog posts on nashvilleinteractive.com and… Read More »

Should Web Designers Use Templates?

When you’re looking for a web designer in Nashville (or anywhere else for that matter), should you choose one that works from a template or one that designs custom websites from scratch? The answer isn’t always as cut-and-dry, as some web design companies would like you to believe. While website templates do make web design… Read More »

Why On-Site Reviews are E-commerce Gold

If you own an online store, you are probably already aware of just how difficult it is to get the attention of customers, edge out your competitors, and manage prices in a way that keeps buyers coming back while you earn a profit. What if you could accomplish all of these goals just by adding… Read More »