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University of Pennsylvania Regulatory Review Blog Design

Oct 12 2017

The Regulatory Review is the official blog and news site for the Penn Program on Regulation, housed in the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Nashville Interactive was contracted to handle the website design and development for, a robust blog … Continue reading

A Three Website Week

Aug 5 2016

Every week is busy but this was a big one. Many weeks see the launch of a website and sometimes even two but this week Nashville Interactive had a hand in three website launches, including a revamp, a redesign and … Continue reading

Why Use a Subcontracted Nashville Web Designer?

Dec 14 2015

Occasionally, I meet with business owners and creative directors at other web design agencies across Nashville who are interested in working on a subcontractor arrangement, but have never given it a try. If you’re one of them, you might be … Continue reading

Restaurant Website Design – Green Hills Grille Nashville

Dec 10 2015

Nashville Interactive recently launched a fresh website for Green Hills Grille. The restaurant is a new take on an old west Nashville favorite. We provided custom design and development services with a focus on mobile usability via responsive design techniques. … Continue reading

5 Requirements for a Great Venue Website Design

Sep 17 2015

How do you make a great entertainment and music venue stand out online? I’m glad you asked — because here are the five things you need on a website that promotes your music and performance location: Great Photography Artists and … Continue reading

Don’t Hide From Your Brand Behind Your Business

Oct 10 2014

You have a brand whether you like it or not. Musicians, businesses, You, Me; we all have a brand. Think of your brand as what people think of you. A brand is in everything that your customers, fans and friends … Continue reading

What Happened To Artist and Musician Brands?

Oct 1 2014

A quick disclaimer that this is basically a just a rant by the slowly aging designer in me. I can already hear myself saying, “back in my day…”. With that being said, when I think of artist or musician brands, … Continue reading

12th & Porter’s Music City Breakthrough Contest

Jul 22 2014

Nashville Interactive is proud to be a part of 12th & Porter’s Music City Breakthrough contest to help new artist development. The winner will receive a great prize package including recording time at Blackbird Studio, prime placement on MTV/CMT artists … Continue reading

Freelance Designer/Developer or Agency?

Apr 25 2014

A while back, I posted about The Advantages of Small Web Design Shops vs Agencies and thought it was time for a refresher on the topic. Being the former, I’m definitely biased, though I’m realistic about the limitations and advantages … Continue reading

A Nashville Interactive Take on Restaurant Website Design

Feb 4 2014

A restaurant website isn’t an overly complicated undertaking but as with all projects it should be taken seriously and focus on usability, quick access to key info like phone, directions and menus and should also build the brand. Usability When … Continue reading

Hot Restaurant, Cool Venue. Nashville Interactive Launches Websites for 12th & Porter and Music City Pizza

Nov 14 2013

The Nashville scene features awesome music and excellent food. Combine the two and you get 12th & Porter and Music City Pizza. Some of the best music in Nashville can be found at 12th & Porter and the newest addition … Continue reading

Doug McCormick Website Launches

Aug 15 2013

We’re happy to have had a chance to design and develop a fresh new website for country music artist Doug McCormick. Doug’s new site reflects his evolving career and the down home feel of his music. The site features social … Continue reading

Belmont Massey Graduate School of Business Website Launches

May 15 2013

Nashville Interactive recently redesigned and handled the front end development for Belmont University’s Massey Graduate School of Business. The Massey School needed a website that was on par with its contemporaries and reflected the quality of the program. The final … Continue reading

Fetch Magazine by Taigan Blog Redesign

Oct 2 2012

Nashville Interactive recently helped our long-time friends at Taigan redesign their fashion/style blog Fetch. The fresh blog design is actually a mash-up of the old Fetch blog and their other blog Taigan Finds. We consolidated the two blogs, merging content, … Continue reading

Etch Restaurant Website Launches

Sep 2 2012

This week marks the launch of A High-End eatery located in the Encore building in downtown Nashville, Etch opened its doors this past Wednesday. Nashville Interactive was contracted by our good friends at Chops Advertising to perform the development … Continue reading

Too Many Puppies – East C.A.N. Website Launches

Aug 24 2012

Who doesn’t love dogs? Apparently lots of folks. Though don’t let that get you down because there are many, many more of us who do love dogs (and cats too I guess). While being an animal lover is one thing, … Continue reading

beBELMONT Animated Infographic Design Launches

Aug 16 2012

Statistics can be fun. I swear. Infographics are a very popular way to make data presentation a little more palatable for the casual fan. Belmont University has done some really great things in Nashville, TN over the last decade in … Continue reading

Nashville Interactive Has A Brand New Website! (FINALLY)

Aug 13 2012
Nashville Interactive Logo

Well here it is folks. After the longest “hiatus” between website redesigns in Nashville Interactive’s history, version 5 of is FINALLY live. It’s been around three years since we’ve gone through a redesign and while the old site served … Continue reading

Country Music Artist Amanda Nagurney Gets a New Website Design From Nashville Interactive

Dec 6 2011

Nashville Interactive recently launched a fresh website redesign for country music artist Amanda Nagurney. Amanda needed a website that reflected her maturing career and that could be updated easily. The solution was a self-hosted, open-source content management system. This means … Continue reading

Suicide Prevention Website “” Launches

Nov 3 2011

Nashville Interactive is proud to have been a part of The website is dedicated to helping our troops in the TN National Guard cope with the huge life changes that accompany their service. The primary goal of the website … Continue reading

Elliot Root Website Launches

Sep 19 2011

Nashville Interactive is proud to present for your viewing pleasure. ER is a great up and coming group with “roots” (pun semi-intended) in Kenosha Wisconsin. These guys are not your typical Nashville artists. Great music so visit the site … Continue reading

INBodied Living Website Design Launches

Jun 23 2011

INBodied Living is a website dedicated to your well being. I could try to explain it but I thought I’d just let them do the talking. From InBodied Living is a national collective of multi-disciplinary experts who have joined … Continue reading

beBELMONT Website Design Launches

Jun 20 2011

Nashville Interactive recently designed, developed and launched A website that helps students, alumni and faculty of Belmont University tell their real-world stories. The site has some really great features including ajax-based post sorting on the submissions page, a nice … Continue reading

2010 Recap, 2011 Goals

Jan 13 2011

Perhaps a bit late, but in light of the great year that has just passed, we thought that a short recap and a quick run down of Nashville Interactive’s goals for 2011 is in order. First of all, thanks to … Continue reading

The Trifecta Week: B-ball, Fashion and Gardening

Nov 5 2010

This week marks the launch of three websites which Nashville Interactive has played an integral role in. We were lucky enough to be involved in the development of NBA star Rajon Rondo’s new website, as well as the design and … Continue reading

Teach Them Well – School Volunteers Website Launches

Sep 30 2010

The children are our future. Teach them well and let them… benefit from your volunteer activities. Nashville Interactive recently designed and performed a large portion of the front-end build for the newly launched The site is a tool used … Continue reading

One Crazy Summer (for website design)

Sep 15 2010

The summer of 2010 will go down as one crazy summer of web design. Nashville Interactive has been very busy with some great projects that will hit the web design portfolio soon. Being busy with nice, air-conditioned office work during … Continue reading

Golf Anyone? Launches

Jul 18 2010

If you’re into professional golf, you’re no doubt aware of the excellent play (and demeanor) of Kenny Perry. Mr Perry is a 14-time winner on the PGA tour and a really down-to-earth guy. Nashville Interactive was recently contracted to perform … Continue reading

Building an Online Presence – Part 2: Using Social Media

Jun 7 2010

In the first post of this series – Building an Online Presence – Part 1: The Website – I discussed the importance of having a well designed and user-friendly website as the first step in creating a solid online presence. In … Continue reading

Building an Online Presence – Part 1: The Website

May 18 2010

What does it mean to have a good online presence or “web presence”? It means having a firm grasp of how your target demographic uses the web. It means taking that knowledge and putting it to work in your favor … Continue reading