Is It Time to Start Thinking About PPC Advertising Differently?

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to catch yourself thinking in black-and-white terms when it comes to your company? Often, it seems as if you need to make a permanent decision on whether or not to use a tool or process, rather than deciding whether – or how – something could benefit you… Read More »

Mouth Watering Website Launches Offering Wagyu Beef Delivery and Much, Much More

Nashville Interactive had the distinct pleasure of partnering with The Fly Farm in College Grove, Tennessee in order to create an updated online presence. offers a convenient online home for details on the broad services and products that the Fly Family offers through multiple locations in Middle Tennessee. The most delicious of these is… Read More »

Millsaps College Enlists Nashville Interactive for an Updated Website

Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi recently enlisted the website development services of Nashville Interactive to help give them better control over their online presence. The project entailed migrating a hard-coded website onto a content management system to allow for much quicker and easier updates. Along with custom development, the project also called for a slight… Read More »

Nashville Interactive Teams Up With Wofford College for a Brand New

We’re no stranger to helping out institutions of higher learning with their online presence, having worked on projects for Belmont University and The University of Pennsylvania. Our latest venture into the education realm involved front-end development for the newly redesigned Wofford College website. Since The Wofford Terriers and App State (my alma mater) were in… Read More »

The Annual Blog Post!

Someone once said: “Do as I say, not as I do”. And while that statement represents hypocrisy at its finest, I’m using it right now anyway especially where content-marketing, creation and news/blog posts are concerned. I just realized that it’s been almost one full year since there’s been any new blog posts on and… Read More »

University of Pennsylvania Regulatory Review Blog Design

The Regulatory Review is the official blog and news site for the Penn Program on Regulation, housed in the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Nashville Interactive was contracted to handle the website design and development for, a robust blog dedicated to regulatory news, analysis and opinion with dozens of editors and hundreds of renown… Read More »

A Three Website Week

Every week is busy but this was a big one. Many weeks see the launch of a website and sometimes even two but this week Nashville Interactive had a hand in three website launches, including a revamp, a redesign and a brand new site. The revamped site was for CORE (Children of Restaurant Employees) and… Read More »

Why Use a Subcontracted Nashville Web Designer?

Occasionally, I meet with business owners and creative directors at other web design agencies across Nashville who are interested in working on a subcontractor arrangement, but have never given it a try. If you’re one of them, you might be wondering what the benefits are. In general, there are two reasons to use a subcontracted… Read More »

Restaurant Website Design – Green Hills Grille Nashville

Nashville Interactive recently launched a fresh website for Green Hills Grille. The restaurant is a new take on an old west Nashville favorite. We provided custom design and development services with a focus on mobile usability via responsive design techniques. The site features online menus as well as downloadable versions, reservation and gift card integration,… Read More »

5 Requirements for a Great Venue Website Design

How do you make a great entertainment and music venue stand out online? I’m glad you asked — because here are the five things you need on a website that promotes your music and performance location: Great Photography Artists and attendees alike want to know what the atmosphere of your venue is like, and there’s… Read More »

Don’t Hide From Your Brand Behind Your Business

You have a brand whether you like it or not. Musicians, businesses, You, Me; we all have a brand. Think of your brand as what people think of you. A brand is in everything that your customers, fans and friends experience when they look, see, smell, hear and/or taste things having to do with you…. Read More »

What Happened To Artist and Musician Brands?

A quick disclaimer that this is basically a just a rant by the slowly aging designer in me. I can already hear myself saying, “back in my day…”. With that being said, when I think of artist or musician brands, logos, etc., I automatically think back to Aerosmith, Van Halen, Run DMC, Misfits, Wu-Tang, The… Read More »