Website Design Companies and Using Self-Hosted Open-Source Solutions

One thing that I strive for is transparency in the website design process. Open-source content management systems and working closely with clients are a couple of ways that Nashville Interactive achieves this transparency in website design. Clients love it. I love it. Everyone’s happier in the end. It’s a win-win. Just to clear things up,… Read More »

Nashville Interactive's Blog is 1 Year Old! (Redesign is Imminent)

It was a cold day in March 2009 when I first posted to this blog. I mused about finding a Bojangles In Nashville. It was Nashville Interactive’s most delicious post to date.

Nashville Interactive Now Using Feedburner

In an effort to better aggregate fresh Nashville Interactive content, We’re now using Feedburner to handle all RSS content. Please enjoy and let us know if you love it or hate it and SUBSCRIBE TO THE RSS FEED of course.

Free Open Source Alternative to Word and Office

Open Office is a great FREE alternative to Microsoft Office for those of us on a budget. has been around for a while now but I’m just coming back to their solution and I’ve found that they’ve created (possibly long ago?) a much more user friendly Mac version.

Using Gmail as a Spam Filter for your Personal Email Account

Google is huge for a reason, they do things right. Email and spam filtering are just a couple of those things. If your inbox has become inundated with spam, this technique can help…

Microsoft Imposes Bing While Trying to Play Catch-Up With Google

Microsoft has fallen even further out of favor with much of the web design community with their imposition of Bing onto its customers. Microsoft is trying to play catch-up with Google. They’ve already failed in my eyes.

Nashville Interactive Has a New Phone Number

Yes, it’s true. The new contact number is 615.521.1890. While some of you will miss the Las Vegas area code calls, I felt this was best. Please feel free to call me to test it out if you’d like.

Web Design and Country Music

I recently completed a fresh website design for country music star Jason Aldean. Somewhere during the process I realized that I’m much more in tune with the country music scene… All of this caused a bit of introspection…

New Web Design Blog Hits Nashville!

And so this is it. pretty disappointing content-wise, I know. I’m working on it. My name is Chris Bradshaw and I’m a web designer / front end guy living in Nashville, Tennessee. I’m currently designing and building websites and implementing this blog.