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Can We Thank Google for a Better Internet Explorer 9?

Oct 5 2010

Microsoft needs to compete with modern browsers in order to get it’s web browser Bing traction in the valuable search market. Could this be the reason for IE9’s significant enhancements? Continue reading

Teach Them Well – School Volunteers Website Launches

Sep 30 2010

The children are our future. Teach them well and let them… benefit from your volunteer activities. Nashville Interactive recently designed and performed a large portion of the front-end build for the newly launched The site is a tool used … Continue reading

Internet Explorer 6 User Rates Falling Fast!

Sep 10 2009

I normally hate exclamation points though I couldn’t help but use one here. Internet Explorer 6 user rates are falling like a rock. By my calculations, IE6 should be off of my books by early 2010. Not a bad run for a browser released eight years ago. Continue reading

Microsoft Imposes Bing While Trying to Play Catch-Up With Google

Jun 30 2009

Microsoft has fallen even further out of favor with much of the web design community with their imposition of Bing onto its customers. Microsoft is trying to play catch-up with Google. They’ve already failed in my eyes. Continue reading