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Can We Thank Google for a Better Internet Explorer 9?

Oct 5 2010

Microsoft needs to compete with modern browsers in order to get it’s web browser Bing traction in the valuable search market. Could this be the reason for IE9’s significant enhancements? Continue reading

Building an Online Presence – Part 2: Using Social Media

Jun 7 2010

In the first post of this series – Building an Online Presence – Part 1: The Website – I discussed the importance of having a well designed and user-friendly website as the first step in creating a solid online presence. In … Continue reading

Nashville Interactive Now Using Feedburner

Dec 14 2009

In an effort to better aggregate fresh Nashville Interactive content, We’re now using Feedburner to handle all RSS content. Please enjoy and let us know if you love it or hate it and SUBSCRIBE TO THE RSS FEED of course. Continue reading

Custom Flash Design and Development Completed for Gaylord Entertainment

Oct 3 2009

Nashville Interactive recently completed a custom Flash design project for the world-renown Gaylord Entertainment. The end product was a completely customizable experience. Continue reading

Why You Should Treat Your Clients Like Dirt

Aug 6 2009

Because I want your clients basically. Good customer service in web design seems to be some sort of elusive creature that few people get to see in their lives. You don’t have to put up with slack, unresponsive designers. Continue reading

Online Marketing and Advertising During Tough Times

Jun 27 2009

With lean budgets, people want to get more out of their advertising and marketing dollars. What better way to do this than with online advertising and a great web presence. Continue reading