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Nerd Blasphemy: “Sass & Less Really Aren’t That Great*”

Apr 28 2015

I know that a lot of people will disagree and call me a blasphemer for saying so but… using Sass and Less for CSS really isn’t that great in my opinion*. The asterisk is added because I should say that … Continue reading

Don’t Hide From Your Brand Behind Your Business

Oct 10 2014

You have a brand whether you like it or not. Musicians, businesses, You, Me; we all have a brand. Think of your brand as what people think of you. A brand is in everything that your customers, fans and friends … Continue reading

What Happened To Artist and Musician Brands?

Oct 1 2014

A quick disclaimer that this is basically a just a rant by the slowly aging designer in me. I can already hear myself saying, “back in my day…”. With that being said, when I think of artist or musician brands, … Continue reading

Belmont University Athletics Media Guide Launches

Sep 13 2013

We love Belmont University as a client. The work that comes out of these projects is always portfolio quality and fun to work on. The Belmont Athletics Department was looking to create a magazine-style flipbook for their media guide. The … Continue reading

Nashville Interactive Creates Holiday Animation for Country Music Assosication

Dec 17 2012

It’s that time of year, which means spreading loads of holiday cheer and well wishes. Nashville Interactive was contracted by the Country Music Association (CMA) and tasked with creating an animation that highlighted their Keep The Music Playing program. (KTMP … Continue reading

Too Many Puppies – East C.A.N. Website Launches

Aug 24 2012

Who doesn’t love dogs? Apparently lots of folks. Though don’t let that get you down because there are many, many more of us who do love dogs (and cats too I guess). While being an animal lover is one thing, … Continue reading

Country Music Artist Amanda Nagurney Gets a New Website Design From Nashville Interactive

Dec 6 2011

Nashville Interactive recently launched a fresh website redesign for country music artist Amanda Nagurney. Amanda needed a website that reflected her maturing career and that could be updated easily. The solution was a self-hosted, open-source content management system. This means … Continue reading

Suicide Prevention Website “” Launches

Nov 3 2011

Nashville Interactive is proud to have been a part of The website is dedicated to helping our troops in the TN National Guard cope with the huge life changes that accompany their service. The primary goal of the website … Continue reading

Nashville Interactive Launches Website for America’s Got Talent Finalist Alice Tan Ridley

Oct 20 2011

Alice Tan Ridley first made a name for herself singing in the subways of New York City. She also wowed judges on the popular TV show “America’s Got Talent”. Alice went from the subway to the big stage and needed … Continue reading

Ain’t No Horse Like a TN Stud: Rising Star Ranch Website Design Launches

Jul 5 2011

Nashville Interactive is proud to have had the opportunity to venture into the horse farm website design world with a recent project for Rising Star Ranch. RSR is a Tennessee Walking Horse Breeding Farm located in Shelbyville, TN. The project … Continue reading

beBELMONT Website Design Launches

Jun 20 2011

Nashville Interactive recently designed, developed and launched A website that helps students, alumni and faculty of Belmont University tell their real-world stories. The site has some really great features including ajax-based post sorting on the submissions page, a nice … Continue reading

2010 Recap, 2011 Goals

Jan 13 2011

Perhaps a bit late, but in light of the great year that has just passed, we thought that a short recap and a quick run down of Nashville Interactive’s goals for 2011 is in order. First of all, thanks to … Continue reading

The Trifecta Week: B-ball, Fashion and Gardening

Nov 5 2010

This week marks the launch of three websites which Nashville Interactive has played an integral role in. We were lucky enough to be involved in the development of NBA star Rajon Rondo’s new website, as well as the design and … Continue reading

Teach Them Well – School Volunteers Website Launches

Sep 30 2010

The children are our future. Teach them well and let them… benefit from your volunteer activities. Nashville Interactive recently designed and performed a large portion of the front-end build for the newly launched The site is a tool used … Continue reading

One Crazy Summer (for website design)

Sep 15 2010

The summer of 2010 will go down as one crazy summer of web design. Nashville Interactive has been very busy with some great projects that will hit the web design portfolio soon. Being busy with nice, air-conditioned office work during … Continue reading

Drinks Anyone? Launches

Feb 5 2010

For those Nashvillians who enjoy the finer side of spirits, there’s finally a group for you: BoozeCamp Nashville. What is BoozeCamp Nashville you ask? Well it’s a bit of an old-fashioned social network that revolves around great wine, liquor and … Continue reading

The Winstar Fantasy Derby Website Launches

Jan 27 2010

Are you into horse racing and/or fantasy sports? If so you should check out the Winstar Fantasy Derby. Nashville Interactive handled the User Interface design and also had a hand in the development of the Fantasy Derby portion of the Winstar site. Continue reading Launches

Jan 27 2010

The Nashville Interactive designed and developed has officially launched! This was a great project to work on. The site design is one that definitely made the web design portfolio and the development portion of the project is a perfect example of how open-source software allows for all the power and flexibility of a proprietary CMS. Continue reading

Always Sisters Forever Brothers Website Launches

Jan 6 2010

Nashville Interactive recently launched This site for the 2010 Always Sisters Forever Brothers Conference in Nashville, Tennessee proved to be a great project to work on. The site design awarded the opportunity to use some pretty cool javaScript and front-end development techniques. Continue reading

Nashville = Country Music Website Design

Nov 7 2009

Being in Nashville means that country music website design is a fact of life for most web professionals. This is definitely not a bad thing. Having complete creative freedom every now and then is good for the soul. Continue reading

Custom Flash Design and Development Completed for Gaylord Entertainment

Oct 3 2009

Nashville Interactive recently completed a custom Flash design project for the world-renown Gaylord Entertainment. The end product was a completely customizable experience. Continue reading

Nashville Interactive Re-Launches

Sep 14 2009

Nashville Interactive is proud to announce that we’ve developed and re-launched The Richard Marx camp was in need of a new provider for website design and development services and Nashville Interactive is flattered to be able to help. Continue reading

Nashville Interactive Launches SinkPositive Website

Sep 1 2009

The Nashville Interactive-designed, SinkPositive website launched today. The new site design helps to create consumer confidence by portraying the company as the reputable brand that it has always been. Continue reading

Why You Should Treat Your Clients Like Dirt

Aug 6 2009

Because I want your clients basically. Good customer service in web design seems to be some sort of elusive creature that few people get to see in their lives. You don’t have to put up with slack, unresponsive designers. Continue reading

The Advantages of Small Web Design Shops vs Agencies

May 29 2009

Generally, where web design and development are concerned, there seems to be a common view that larger web design firms and agencies can provide much better service than smaller shops and individual web designers. I’m here to dispel that myth. Continue reading

Analog Graphic Design – The Process

May 11 2009

Remember the good old days of x-acto knives, marker comps and rubylith paper? I don’t… These design techniques are something that I only had to experience while I was in college. But starting designs on paper is still the way to go. Continue reading