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Why Every Musician Needs a Great Website

Jul 28 2015

Wouldn’t it be great if the business of being a musician really could be “all about the music?” In reality, The best artists know that marketing, promotion, and even branding are all necessary skills. You can’t make it in Nashville, … Continue reading

Hot Restaurant, Cool Venue. Nashville Interactive Launches Websites for 12th & Porter and Music City Pizza

Nov 14 2013

The Nashville scene features awesome music and excellent food. Combine the two and you get 12th & Porter and Music City Pizza. Some of the best music in Nashville can be found at 12th & Porter and the newest addition … Continue reading

Charleston Music Hall Website Launches

Apr 16 2013

Charleston Music Hall is one of the premiere music venues in Charleston, SC and Nashville Interactive is proud to report that we’ve recently redesigned their website. The building’s unique and historical architecture was used as inspiration for the site design … Continue reading