Why Your New Website Might “Bounce” on Google

The launch of a brand-new business website is always an exciting event. But what comes after can feel like a wild ride. In some cases, a new website will see a quick burst of fresh traffic and conversions. Other times, it will seem to have no effect at all – in fact, it isn’t that… Read More »

How to Tell if Your SEO Campaign Is Working

In the beginning of your search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, it can be difficult to tell if what you’re doing is moving the needle at all. That’s because there is typically a lot of activity, and lots of content being posted, without much in the way of results. If so, we usually tell our clients… Read More »

Are You Paying Enough Attention to Local SEO?

Google and the other search engines have essentially killed the effectiveness of the Yellow Pages and other print directories, both in Nashville and throughout North America. That means that in order to reach the same buyers you would have in the past, you need to take advantage of local search engine optimization for your business… Read More »

How SEO is Changing in 2015

The one thing you can count on in Internet marketing, and especially search engine optimization, is that what worked in the past isn’t likely to be as effective today. In fact, we can see the world of SEO changing right before our very eyes. Here are just a few of the most important ways search… Read More »

2010 Recap, 2011 Goals

Perhaps a bit late, but in light of the great year that has just passed, we thought that a short recap and a quick run down of Nashville Interactive’s goals for 2011 is in order. First of all, thanks to all the great clients that helped Nashville Interactive have a great 2010. We had the… Read More »

The Importance of Online Content Management and Creation

Content management systems are all the latest rage in web design for good reason, they’re great for frequent content updates. But CMSs are like any other piece of software and require some effort and time to learn.

Nashville Interactive Now Using Feedburner

In an effort to better aggregate fresh Nashville Interactive content, We’re now using Feedburner to handle all RSS content. Please enjoy and let us know if you love it or hate it and SUBSCRIBE TO THE RSS FEED of course.

Why You Should Treat Your Clients Like Dirt

Because I want your clients basically. Good customer service in web design seems to be some sort of elusive creature that few people get to see in their lives. You don’t have to put up with slack, unresponsive designers.

Online Marketing and Advertising During Tough Times

With lean budgets, people want to get more out of their advertising and marketing dollars. What better way to do this than with online advertising and a great web presence.