The Importance of Installing an SSL Certificate on Your Website

Online security is paramount in today’s connected world. It seems that every other day we’re seeing news articles about high-profile hacking attempts, ransomware, identity theft and DDOS attacks. All this press means that your website visitors quite possibly have an inherent lack of trust toward websites, especially when entering their personal and payment information (as… Read More »

Can We Thank Google for a Better Internet Explorer 9?

Microsoft needs to compete with modern browsers in order to get it’s web browser Bing traction in the valuable search market. Could this be the reason for IE9’s significant enhancements?

Building an Online Presence – Part 1: The Website

What does it mean to have a good online presence or “web presence”? It means having a firm grasp of how your target demographic uses the web. It means taking that knowledge and putting it to work in your favor by utilizing the tons of online resources that are available to you. Recognizing which of… Read More »

What Facebook vs. Myspace Says About Web Users

The battle is pretty much over between Facebook and Myspace and Facebook took the title hands down. Myspace still has many millions of users but Facebook is the heavy-weight these days. So what does this tell us about the average web user today? It tells us (or me anyway) that people prefer a good user… Read More »

The Winstar Fantasy Derby Website Launches

Are you into horse racing and/or fantasy sports? If so you should check out the Winstar Fantasy Derby. Nashville Interactive handled the User Interface design and also had a hand in the development of the Fantasy Derby portion of the Winstar site.