Always Sisters Website Design and Development

The Always Sisters Forever Brothers website was designed and developed by Nashville Interactive. It involved a custom WordPress installation for content management and extensive javascript and front-end development. The top-level content is presented in a sliding format to give the user a unique experience. Great care was taken to ensure that the browser back and… Read More »

Work Media Logo Design

Work Media is an internet marketing company with a light-hearted and hip brand. This logo is based on abstracted pixels that represent the digital aspect of the company as well as its friendly nature.

Michael W. Smith Website Design

Inspirational Christian artist Michael W. Smith’s website is full of great info which is made more accessible and usable through the use of well defined content areas throughout the site. This makes the information easier to grasp at a glance. Nashville Interactive was contracted to handle the initial design on this project. Launch

Storyville Post Flash Website Design

Storyville Post is one of the premiere post production houses in Nashville Tennessee. This project involved design and development of a Flash-based site with an elegant look. Special care was taken to ensure that the site is easily updateable using text files and XML. This all-Flash site also makes use of the browser back and… Read More »

BoozeCamp Nashville Website Design and Development

BoozeCamp Nashville holds various “adult beverage” tastings around the Nashville area. The site was developed on WordPress and includes event registration functionality along with video and photo gallery capabilities. This beverage website design has a bar “atmosphere” achieved through the use of coasters, napkins and custom hand-drawn fonts. Launch

Petersen Insurance Specialties Logo Design

This logo is derived from the Petersen family crest. The target demographic is entertainment industry individuals looking for specially tailored insurance plans and a personal touch. The logo needed to reflect the rich family history while still appealing to the demographic. The traditional shield was used along with more contemporary, stylized icons.

Feedback Is Dead Flash Microsite Design

This was a promotional Flash-based microsite for the AKG D5 Microphone. The company needed the established design direction to come to life on the web. This Flash-based site utilizes a linear navigation scheme to give the user a complete experience and ensure that all of the information is viewed. This project involved design and development… Read More »

Sink Positive Logo Design

Sink Positive needed a simple logo that reflected the water-saving aspect of the product. A contemporary type treatment was used along with a drip element to represent the nature of the product.