Custom Permalink Structure for Custom Post Types In WordPress

I searched for hours to find a solution for this and finally stumbled upon this plugin. Custom Post Type Permalinks. This is a great plugin that allows you to add .html to custom post types in wordpress. You can actually create any permalink structure similar to the way permalinks are handled in WordPress by default.

WordPress Inserting p Tags Automatically

It can be somewhat annoying that WP automatically inserts <p> tags into your posts and pages via the WYSIWYG editor. In order to 86 this functionality you can just add remove_filter (‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’); to your functions.php file. You’ll now have to add paragraph tags manually but if you’re semi-savvy with basic html, that shouldn’t be… Read More »

Passing FlashVar Strings to Flash with AS3

I found all sorts of complicated posts on the in-ter-net about this but none were clear and concise. Hopefully this will be… (but I’m no Flash expert) I basically needed to pass an xml file path to a Flash image rotator through the embed/object markup in the html file. Using FlashVars this is actually pretty… Read More »

Spacebar and Option Keys Won't Work In Adobe Illustrator

Had the oddest thing happen today; The spacebar and option keys stopped working while I was using Illustrator CS4. I did a little searching and testing and found that Firefox (v3.6) was the culprit. I quit FF and the spacebar/hand tool/option keys were back! I was able to restart Firefox and everything is still working… Read More »

Changing Signup/Register Link in WordPress

This gets placed in your theme’s functions.php… ‘Signup’ is the text for the register link in this example. ‘Logout’ is the message displayed when the user is logged in. That could easily be a link to their profile or the admin area as well. add_action( ‘register’ , ‘register_replacement’ ); function register_replacement( $link ){ if (… Read More »

My Favorite and Most Used WordPress Plugins

login-lockdown – protect your neck nextgen gallery – great for internally managed photo galleries tubepress – let youtube handle the bandwidth and conversion please. eventsmanager (for RSVP type events) gigpress (for musician-style tours) capabilities manager – if you have multiple content editors with varying roles. Mail From – change the default from email address and… Read More »

Excerpts and Read More Links in WordPress 2.9+

With the release of WordPress 2.9, there have been a couple nice little enhancements to excerpts. It’s now very easy to change the good old […] to whatever you’d like including a simple “More” link that links to the post. It’s also now just as easy to control the length of the excerpts as well…. Read More »

Moving a WordPress Site

I love WordPress and I use it pretty much exclusively for small to mid-sized website development. WordPress development is quick, easy and website owners love the fact that there’s none of the complications that come with proprietary content management systems. Sometimes it becomes necessary to move your beloved WordPress sites to other servers or directories…. Read More »

WordPress permissions issues. Can't auto-update Plugins?

I’m currently on a Media Temple DV 3.5 hosting server and I design and develop using wordpress a lot. WP seems to work great on shared servers as far as the auto upgrades, installing plugins and uploading media. However, WordPress installs on my server always required me to use an FTP program to temporarily change… Read More »

Fixing Color Shift With Photoshop Save For Web

UPDATED 11/7/09 I have linked to an article below that sheds some light on the whole washed-out color when using Photoshop’s Save For Web. I’m not an expert on color space this and profile that. I just want to design in Photoshop and create an optimized image that looks like what I designed. I recently… Read More »

excluding certain categories from the wordpress loop or rss feeds

to exclude a certain category of posts from the WP loop: <?php query_posts(“cat=-46”); ?> <?php if (have_posts()) : ?> blah blah blah. and then close with the old: <?php //Reset Query wp_reset_query(); ?> To exclude certain categories from an RSS feed on another webpage (like a non-wp homepage):

Really Easy Way to Add Code to WordPress Posts

just compose your post in the visual editor and when you’re done – ONLY WHEN YOU’RE COMPLETELY DONE WRITING THE CODE – switch to the html editor… viola! <?php echo “damn that’s easy”; ?> probably not the greatest if you have to come back and edit that code but it works for a quick fix… Read More »