Always Sisters Forever Brothers Website Launches

Nashville Interactive recently designed, built and launched This website for the 2010 Always Sisters Forever Brothers Conference in Nashville, Tennessee, proved to be a great project to work on. The site design awarded Nashville Interactive the opportunity to use some pretty cool javaScript and front-end development techniques. The website features a scrolling “homepage” that creates a nice, cohesive experience for viewing the top-level content. Much care was taken to ensure that the browser back and forward buttons would work with this design and more importantly that deep linking to all the top level content within the scrollable sections would work across all the major web browsers.

The site utilizes WordPress as a content management system which allows the client to take full control of their website and in-turn the message they want to put in front of their audience. Empowering clients to control their website’s content is good website design, and this sort of self sustainability is part of Nashville Interactive’s primary mission.