Suicide Prevention Website “” Launches

Nashville Interactive is proud to have been a part of The website is dedicated to helping our troops in the TN National Guard cope with the huge life changes that accompany their service. The primary goal of the website is suicide prevention while also providing resources to help manage the various aspects of life… Read More »

Elliot Root Website Launches

Nashville Interactive is proud to present for your viewing pleasure. ER is a great up and coming group with “roots” (pun semi-intended) in Kenosha Wisconsin. These guys are not your typical Nashville artists. Great music so visit the site and have a listen (and check out the design while you’re there).

INBodied Living Website Design Launches

INBodied Living is a website dedicated to your well being. I could try to explain it but I thought I’d just let them do the talking. From InBodied Living is a national collective of multi-disciplinary experts who have joined together to offer a range of integrative services, events, seminars and consulting engagements that help… Read More »

beBELMONT Website Design Launches

Nashville Interactive recently designed, developed and launched A website that helps students, alumni and faculty of Belmont University tell their real-world stories. The site has some really great features including ajax-based post sorting on the submissions page, a nice carousel of recent posts on the home page and a robust submission form allowing users… Read More »

2010 Recap, 2011 Goals

Perhaps a bit late, but in light of the great year that has just passed, we thought that a short recap and a quick run down of Nashville Interactive’s goals for 2011 is in order. First of all, thanks to all the great clients that helped Nashville Interactive have a great 2010. We had the… Read More »

The Trifecta Week: B-ball, Fashion and Gardening

This week marks the launch of three websites which Nashville Interactive has played an integral role in. We were lucky enough to be involved in the development of NBA star Rajon Rondo’s new website, as well as the design and development of – a blog devoted to finding that great online boutique shopping deal… Read More »

Teach Them Well – School Volunteers Website Launches

The children are our future. Teach them well and let them… benefit from your volunteer activities. Nashville Interactive recently designed and performed a large portion of the front-end build for the newly launched The site is a tool used by volunteers and coordinators to log and track hours as well as for posting and… Read More »

One Crazy Summer (for website design)

The summer of 2010 will go down as one crazy summer of web design. Nashville Interactive has been very busy with some great projects that will hit the web design portfolio soon. Being busy with nice, air-conditioned office work during a very hot and humid Middle Tennessee summer isn’t a bad thing at all. Since… Read More »

Golf Anyone? Launches

If you’re into professional golf, you’re no doubt aware of the excellent play (and demeanor) of Kenny Perry. Mr Perry is a 14-time winner on the PGA tour and a really down-to-earth guy. Nashville Interactive was recently contracted to perform the development of Kenny’s site, and we’re very proud to have been awarded this opportunity…. Read More »

Building an Online Presence – Part 2: Using Social Media

In the first post of this series – Building an Online Presence – Part 1: The Website – I discussed the importance of having a well designed and user-friendly website as the first step in creating a solid online presence. In this post, I’ll give you my thoughts on social media and how it can help… Read More »

Building an Online Presence – Part 1: The Website

What does it mean to have a good online presence or “web presence”? It means having a firm grasp of how your target demographic uses the web. It means taking that knowledge and putting it to work in your favor by utilizing the tons of online resources that are available to you. Recognizing which of… Read More »

What Facebook vs. Myspace Says About Web Users

The battle is pretty much over between Facebook and Myspace and Facebook took the title hands down. Myspace still has many millions of users but Facebook is the heavy-weight these days. So what does this tell us about the average web user today? It tells us (or me anyway) that people prefer a good user… Read More »