Why Every Musician Needs a Great Website

Wouldn’t it be great if the business of being a musician really could be “all about the music?” In reality, The best artists know that marketing, promotion, and even branding are all necessary skills. You can’t make it in Nashville, or any other town, if you don’t know how to find and attract new fans.

That’s exactly why every musician needs a great website. An artist website serves many purposes, including being:

A Hub to Find and Cultivate New Fans – when someone hears about you, or visits your show for the first time, the first place they’ll go to learn more is your website. What they find should be professional, descriptive, and up-to-date.

A Place to Promote Upcoming Shows – along with basic information about you and your music, your website should have a list of upcoming appearances so fans can have an easy time finding you.

A Tool That Ties Your Social Profiles Together – there are lots of ways musicians can interact with fans and supporters through social media, but your website should be the hub that ties them all together.

Is your website doing all it could be to help promote your music? If not, maybe it’s time to talk to Nashville’s best web designer for musicians, artists, and venues.