How SEO is Changing in 2015

The one thing you can count on in Internet marketing, and especially search engine optimization, is that what worked in the past isn’t likely to be as effective today. In fact, we can see the world of SEO changing right before our very eyes.

Here are just a few of the most important ways search marketing strategies are shifting in 2015 and beyond:

  1. There is More Search Competition Than Ever Before – this isn’t exactly news, but it’s important to recognize. The fact that more and more businesses are paying attention to SEO means marketers have to sharpen their game and focus more tightly on their most important search terms and phrases.
  2. Having a Relevant Website Matters More Than Having an Optimized Page – it’s happened quietly, but Google has started taking a larger view of search in the past few years. Instead of focusing on individual pages, it’s evaluating the content and trustworthiness of entire websites and factoring those variables and search results.
  3. Google Wants to See New Content in its Search Results – searchers like up-to-date information, and so Google is prioritizing that a post is recent in search results. If you want to see your pages moved to the top of the listings, post and update them frequently.

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