Nashville = Country Music Website Design

Being in Nashville means that country music website design is a fact of life for most web professionals. This is definitely not a bad thing. Designing band websites is always a fun project for me. The nature of the work dictates that the aesthetic and layout can be a little outside the box. Although I love creating a nice clean small business website and as great as corporate website design is, having complete creative freedom every now and then is good for the soul. I recently designed a website for up-and-coming country music artist Jamie Tate. (Just the design work on this one). Most of my other projects at the time required a cleaner more “business-esque” look. This site design allowed me to step back and appreciate the occasional break from the norm. Creating unique, non-templated website layouts also allows me to subtly integrate some of these creative and unique elements into more “traditional” designs as well. The bottom line is that creating unique layouts for musician websites helps me keep the creativity flowing in other projects.