Nashville Interactive Re-Launches

Nashville Interactive is proud to announce that we’ve developed and re-launched If you aren’t familiar with Richard Marx’s music (you probably are even if you don’t know it), He’s a Grammy Award-winning, #1 song-writing (13 of them), multi-platinum album selling artist.

The Richard Marx camp was in need of a new provider for website design and development services and Nashville Interactive is flattered to be able to help out. Richard’s website was less than one year old when the need arose to redevelop the established website design on a new platform. Nashville Interactive was called in to rebuild the site. In order to avoid the all-to-common scenario of being locked in to a proprietary system, open-source content management technologies were implemented. Don’t get me wrong, proprietary systems have their place but open-source is the preferred solution is this type of situation. The site is controlled and owned by the client and they can do with it whatever they wish. This is just one of the advantages of using open-source content management systems to develop websites.

Designing websites for musicians and bands is always a fun project for me. Seeing the response and interaction on artist and band websites puts a lot of things into perspective because the target audience is so engaged with the artist. I’m happy to provide the tools for the interaction and see my work bringing fans and artists closer.