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Nashville Interactive Has A Brand New Website! (FINALLY)

Well here it is folks. After the longest “hiatus” between website redesigns in Nashville Interactive’s history, version 5 of is FINALLY live. It’s been around three years since we’ve gone through a redesign and while the old site served its purpose and was a great asset for all three of those years, it was time to move on in order to better showcase the tons of new work we’ve completed and overall growth. v5 is meant to be a much more user-friendly experience. Bottom line is that we want users to get a quick overview of what Nashville Interactive does and then check out the portfolio work, hence the full-size portfolio images on the homepage and capability to sort the portfolio by various verticals including musician website design, logo design, business website design, venue website design, event website design and sports website design. Another goal in creating a simple but effective user experience was to make the portfolio work very easy to view. The best solution ended up being a straight forward, scrolling portfolio with a little bit of flare. (to show off those website development chops of course). While we’ll continue to tweak and improve our new digs, we feel like this is a great start and we’re very happy to have the website redesign monkey off of our back. Check out NIv5 at