One PPC Advertising Mistake You Can’t Afford to Make

Pay-per-click advertising has a steep learning curve, and there are a lot of little mistakes (like combining too many keywords into a single ad group, or not split-testing landing pages) that you can get away with for a while as you get comfortable with the process.

There is one PPC advertising mistake you can’t afford to make, however: letting high bounce rates go unchecked.

When you have a lot of “bounce” visits, it means that visitors are coming to your website and then leaving without doing anything. That’s bad under any circumstances, but especially when you are paying for that traffic.

There are two easy ways to deal with high bounce rates. The first is to double-check that you’re attracting the right kinds of visitors to your website in the first place. There’s no use in paying for searchers who were never going to buy from you.

The second solution is to offer searchers something they can take and use, like a downloadable report or coupon code. That kind of conversion might not be worth as much as a sale, but it gives a searcher reason to spend extra time on your website and possibly come back again later.

PPC advertising is all about maximizing the value of every click, and you can’t do that if bounce rates are high.

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