Are You Paying Enough Attention to Local SEO?

Google and the other search engines have essentially killed the effectiveness of the Yellow Pages and other print directories, both in Nashville and throughout North America. That means that in order to reach the same buyers you would have in the past, you need to take advantage of local search engine optimization for your business website.

Luckily, finding local Nashville customers through Google isn’t hard. Here are a few easy first steps to take:

Add Geographic Keywords to Your Website – simply adding the words “Nashville” and “Tennessee” to your website can help Google and the other search engines to figure out where you’re located (and match you up with local buyers).

Fill in Your Company’s Google Business Profile – This will tell Google exactly what your focus is and gives you a better chance of showing up higher in the list of local search results. Completing your profile only takes a few minutes, but can have a big effect on your visibility.

Encourage Customers to Leave Online Reviews – websites like Yelp are popular with searchers and search engines alike. Encourage happy customers to say good things about your company and you’ll get an almost immediate marketing boost.

Of course there are many more avenues to pursue when optimizing a site for local search but as a starting point, you can follow these three steps, and you’ll be well on the way to finding more local customers over the Internet. For more great marketing and promotion ideas, contact Chris at 615.521.1890 for free consultation today!