5 Requirements for a Great Venue Website Design

How do you make a great entertainment and music venue stand out online? I’m glad you asked — because here are the five things you need on a website that promotes your music and performance location:

  1. Great Photography

    Artists and attendees alike want to know what the atmosphere of your venue is like, and there’s no better way to convey that than some high-quality photos.

  2. Location Details

    Make it easy for attendees (not to mention acts) to find their way to shows by adding maps, driving directions, and other location details.

  3. Venue Capacity Information

    Promoters and act managers will want to know how many seats you have and what the facilities are like prior to booking, so save time by putting this information online.

  4. Optimized Events Calendar

    Adding upcoming shows to a well-optimized online event calendar and ensuring that you have prominent buy buttons is a great way to help promote events and boost ticket sales.

  5. Mailing List Signup

    Local music and entertainment fans might want to hear about upcoming shows first, so stay in touch with an email mailing list.

Proper venue website design shouldn’t be taken for granted. If your website is missing any of these ingredients, it’s time to talk to us about making some upgrades! Call Chris now at (615) 521-1890 for a free quote on your project.