Should Web Designers Use Templates?

When you’re looking for a web designer in Nashville (or anywhere else for that matter), should you choose one that works from a template or one that designs custom websites from scratch?

The answer isn’t always as cut-and-dry, as some web design companies would like you to believe. While website templates do make web design faster and slightly more affordable on the front-end, starting with a pre-built layout reduces options for customization and often produces a “template” looking website that doesn’t stand out from the competition. Pre-built themes also try to be everything to everybody which typically results in vastly bloated code, a poorly performing website and hundreds of layout configuration options within the CMS (content management system) which makes even the most simple tasks difficult.

At Nashville Interactive, we specialize in custom website design and development

Many agencies have business models that value quantity over quality and will always advocate for using pre-built templates. While templates aren’t always a bad thing, just make sure you’re not paying custom design prices for a pre-fab website. The best answer to the question of whether or not to start with a web template is to find a reputable developer that you can trust, let them know what you need, and have them find the most cost-effective way to get it. Be frank with your concerns – including any that have to do with your budget – and see what they recommend. With that approach, you’ll end up getting the best value within your budget.

At Nashville Interactive, we specialize in custom website design and development and will rarely recommend using a pre-built theme. We love custom WordPress theme development and we’ve built websites for dozens of Tennessee businesses, musicians, and even nonprofit organizations. Contact us today Call us today at 615.521.1890 to schedule a free consultation and see how we can help you get noticed online.