Too Many Puppies – East C.A.N. Website Launches

Who doesn’t love dogs? Apparently lots of folks. Though don’t let that get you down because there are many, many more of us who do love dogs (and cats too I guess). While being an animal lover is one thing, the people at East C.A.N. (East Nashville Community Action Network) take that love to the next level, providing services to help reunite lost dogs with their owners, find new homes for strays and much more. Here in East Nashville there are plenty of lost pups so they have their work cut out for them. To help lighten the load ever so slightly, Nashville Interactive offered up our website design services to give East C.A.N. a home on the web that will give them the flexibility to showcase animals, news, events, answer frequently asked questions and easily accept donations of time and money. Check out the brand new website design at