3 Ways to Get More Consistent With Content Marketing

If there is one challenge most business owners and online marketers can relate to, it’s the need to create content (in terms of blog posts, videos, etc.) consistently. Most of us just don’t feel as if we have the time or creative energy to post new material every week.

Because this is such a persistent issue for our clients, and the online marketing community in general, we want to offer some answers. Here are three ways you can get more consistent with your writing and editing schedules:

1 Make Content Creation a Fun Ritual – Why not get a cup or glass of your favorite drink when you sit down to come up with content ideas? Or, consider inviting over some friends and colleagues for a group brainstorming session. The more fun you’re having when you create content, the easier it’s going to feel.

2 Give Yourself a Goal and a Reward – Set a weekly or monthly goal for content creation. Then, when you meet that target give yourself a reward, like a special dinner or a day off to go golfing. You could even crank things up a notch by assigning yourself a punishment if you don’t hit your target.

3 Pass Along the Parts You Don’t Enjoy – If you don’t like writing, for example, or being on camera, you can assign these tasks to someone else. Outsourcing these jobs is a good way to save yourself a lot of stress while getting a better finished product in the end.

You could use any of these techniques to get more consistent and prolific with your content marketing strategy. Better yet, you could use all three together as a way to become a leader in your industry and dominate both Google and the major social media platforms.

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