How to Tell if Your SEO Campaign Is Working

In the beginning of your search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, it can be difficult to tell if what you’re doing is moving the needle at all. That’s because there is typically a lot of activity, and lots of content being posted, without much in the way of results. If so, we usually tell our clients not to stress about it for the first few weeks.

Over time, though, measuring progress gets to be more important. Otherwise, how can you know whether the time and money you are putting into SEO is justified?

So, while there are lots of metrics out there related to search engine positioning, we want to offer two very simple ways to determine whether you are seeing signs of success or not.

You Can Always Measure Long-Term SEO Progress Easily

If you have been working your SEO plan consistently for more than a few months, you should notice two things happening in your website:

First, you should be attracting more website visits.
And second, those visits should lead to more conversions (leads, sales, walk-in traffic, etc.).

Some would say this is a very simplistic view of search engine optimization. That’s fair, but it’s also why it’s valid. If you aren’t getting these two results – and make no mistake, it has to be both of them – then you can’t really say that your business is improving. So the rest, as they say, is all details.

Want Bigger Results From Your Online Marketing Efforts?

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