Internet Explorer 6 User Rates Falling Fast!

I normally hate exclamation points though I couldn’t help but use one here. Internet Explorer 6 user rates are falling like a rock. By my calculations, IE6 should be off of my books by early 2010. Not a bad run for a browser released eight years ago.

Why You Should Treat Your Clients Like Dirt

Because I want your clients basically. Good customer service in web design seems to be some sort of elusive creature that few people get to see in their lives. You don’t have to put up with slack, unresponsive designers.

Microsoft Imposes Bing While Trying to Play Catch-Up With Google

Microsoft has fallen even further out of favor with much of the web design community with their imposition of Bing onto its customers. Microsoft is trying to play catch-up with Google. They’ve already failed in my eyes.

The Advantages of Small Web Design Shops vs Agencies

Generally, where web design and development are concerned, there seems to be a common view that larger web design firms and agencies can provide much better service than smaller shops and individual web designers. I’m here to dispel that myth.

Analog Graphic Design – The Process

Remember the good old days of x-acto knives, marker comps and rubylith paper? I don’t… These design techniques are something that I only had to experience while I was in college. But starting designs on paper is still the way to go.

Web Design and Country Music

I recently completed a fresh website design for country music star Jason Aldean. Somewhere during the process I realized that I’m much more in tune with the country music scene… All of this caused a bit of introspection…

Kelly Clarkson’s Website Launches

Kelly Clarkson’s new website launched several days ago. You may be thinking, ‘Wow Chris. how much do you love Kelly Clarkson?’. To which I would reply, ‘Enough to design her website if I’m asked to’…