Why You Should Treat Your Clients Like Dirt

Because I want your clients basically. Good customer service in web design seems to be some sort of elusive creature that few people get to see in their lives. A majority of people who contact me about web development or design, often tell stories of how their last guy took forever and the final website wasn’t what they were expecting and he or she wasn’t very professional etc. Well I’m here to let all of you non-web people out there know that it’s not always like that and you don’t have to put up with slack, unresponsive designers.

I’ve worked a lot of different jobs over the years: caddie, mason’s assitant, shoe salesman, waiter and so so many others. One thing you learn from all that “real-world” experience is that you need to treat the customer with respect or they’ll go else where. (except for the masonry job. There, you just watch out for falling bricks and try not to die of heat stroke) Website design should be no different. Although you need to have a good, open dialog with your designer, in the end, the client is always right (as long as the check clears).

On the other side of the coin is the fact that most of the time you’re hiring a professional for his or her experience and that experience should not be taken for granted. Hopefully your website designer and developer is professionally trained and has at least several years of experience dealing with and acheiving client needs and goals. I’ve often argued my design choices until I’m blue in the face but to no avail. So the bottom line is, if the logo needs to be bigger, then the logo needs to be bigger 😉