How to Win at Online Marketing by Shrinking It Down

Are you one of those business owners who feel completely overwhelmed by online marketing? Does it seem like the endless cycle of blogging, creating social posts, and managing digital ads is wearing you down?

If so, we might have a simple solution that can help. Instead of trying to plan a year or more into the future, just think about the next 10 or 12 weeks. Doing so won’t alter the flow of time, of course, but it will change the way you think about your schedule. Here are a couple of reasons why:

With an online marketing plan that goes just two or three months into the future, you have an easier time focusing on smaller goals and tasks. That can be more rewarding, and make it easier to keep the momentum going.

Because priorities and results are always changing, keeping a short time horizon allows you to focus on what’s working now rather than looking at what might be relevant later. In other words, you can pay attention to the challenges and opportunities right in front of you.

This might seem like a very simple idea, but it’s one that can pay off in a big way when you use it correctly. Simply figure out what’s realistic for you to do in the next 12 weeks, execute on that plan, and then come back to the drawing board for what’s next. Then you can stop worrying about too much at once or feeling anxiety about whether you make good decisions or not.

Best of all, with the 12-week schedule you’ll know that you’re never far away from a quick review of the results from your last set of activities. It’s just a much easier way to manage online marketing.

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