A Different Way to Think About Online Ads

We meet with business owners and executives every week who share a common goal: each of them wants more people who look like their best customers to find them online. In other words, they need more of the right kinds of web traffic.

When we recommend they consider using online ads, however, many of these same business minds immediately reject the idea. Their reasoning is simple: “We don’t want to add to our marketing budget.”

That is understandable, but in some cases it can be shortsighted. There is a reason that thousands of businesses – from Fortune 500 corporations to single-person startups – use digital advertising month after month. When it’s done well, it just works.

These companies aren’t paying money to Google or Facebook out of the kindness of their own hearts; they are doing it because the ads they run generate a positive return on investment. They want more leads or sales and have found a cost-effective way to get them.

Ask yourself this: how much would you spend on ads if you knew that each dollar would be doubled in the same month? Would you suddenly find a little extra to optimize your ad strategy there?

Digital advertising doesn’t always work that way, of course. There are plenty of businesses getting things wrong, and even a few horror stories out there. But, if you’re one of those business owners or marketing managers who have rejected online advertising because you simply see it as an unnecessary expense, then consider you might have the issue backward. It could be that you’re missing out on winnable customers because you haven’t used the most convenient tool available to find them.

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