Nashville Interactive Launches SinkPositive Website

The Nashville Interactive-designed, SinkPositive website launched today. The project entailed website design and development as well as logo design. The product is of the “green” variety and thus the design has a friendly and soft feel. The SinkPositive brand prior to this redesign was lack-luster at best. There was no real graphic design, no memorable logo and a website that left customers wondering about the quality of the product. The new site design helps to create consumer confidence by portraying the company as the reputable brand that it has always been.

So what the heck is a SinkPositive? Well it’s a multipurpose accessory sink that fits on the back of your toilet. It’s the kind way to clean up after using the bathroom. The sink allows you to use the fresh-from-the-wall water which then fills the toilet. You can get all of the details via the environmentally friendly website design at