Why Your New Website Might “Bounce” on Google

The launch of a brand-new business website is always an exciting event. But what comes after can feel like a wild ride.

In some cases, a new website will see a quick burst of fresh traffic and conversions. Other times, it will seem to have no effect at all – in fact, it isn’t that unusual for businesses to lose website visits and sales in the short term. Naturally, these wild swings can leave business owners feeling euphoric or disheartened. Really, though, they shouldn’t experience either.

Why New Websites Sometimes “Bounce” and What It Means

The short-term “bounces” that sometimes occur when you launch a new business website can have lots of causes. Perhaps you upload a fresh site map to Google and the new content grabs the attention of researchers. Or, maybe more established links change, resulting in a new (and possibly temporary) reorganization of your content from a search algorithm perspective. It could even be that you did a great job of promoting your site to existing customers and they all visit to see the changes.

The specific causes can be difficult to nail down, but your reaction to them should be simple: just concentrate on your longer-term strategy.

It’s encouraging to see an instant leap in leads or sales, and discouraging when you don’t, but these bounces tend to be short-lived. What really matters is how you use your website going forward. Keep producing content, optimizing your ads, and doing all the other things you had planned regardless of what the early results look like. In the end, it’s your planning and consistency that will pay off, for better or worse.

Looking for More Consistent Online Marketing Results?

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