Should You Be Paying for Phone and Website Apps?

Small business owners tend to be a thrifty bunch. That’s a good thing – you have to be if you want to keep turning a profit with limited resources.

However, the instinct to save money can actually be a bit too strong in some situations. For example, we have noticed that many entrepreneurs are resistant to paying for apps that need to be installed on a website, or even mobile devices they use for business. When we recommend a paid or premium option, the next question is usually: “Isn’t there a free version available?”

At Nashville Interactive, we want our clients to save every nickel they possibly can. At the same time, it’s not the only consideration in our minds. If your web design and development team recommends a paid app, whether it’s a subscription or a one-time investment, ask yourself a couple questions:

Will this effectively pay for itself in new sales or other results? Will it cost me something in my business to go without it?

Or, will this app save me time and frustration? Is it worth the hassle to watch ads or deal with limitations when I could be running my company?

The point to be made here, obviously, is that anything that earns you a positive return on investment or makes your life significantly easier is worth considering as a purchase. That’s especially true when you consider that most web and mobile apps are quite affordable.

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