An Old-School Approach to Social Media Marketing

Are you the type of business owner who would rather deal with customers face-to-face than over Facebook? Are you more interested in generating consistent revenue than going viral?

If so, we work with a lot of people just like you. One of the things we try to help them understand is that social media marketing is still useful even if you aren’t trying to become the next YouTube star. In fact, you can grow your revenue and influence without worrying all that much about hashtags or engagement analytics. You can just keep doing what you would in the offline world from the convenience of your own phone.

To give you a sense of what this looks like in the real world, consider a few simple steps you could take each week:

First, you grow your network through referrals, networking, or other normal sales channels. Then, each time you make a new contact you connect with them on Facebook or LinkedIn.

For a few minutes each day you check your favorite social platform on your phone. You see what your clients, prospects, and vendors are up to, taking the chance to give them the occasional thumbs-up if they post something that catches your eye.

And finally, you post an update of your own once or twice a week. This could simply be a photo of your work, a piece of news about your business, or just something funny that happened during your week.

This isn’t a complicated strategy, or one that would take much time. But, it would help you stay on top of your customers’ minds and remind the people who haven’t worked with you yet that you’re ready to help when they need you. That’s a pretty old-school approach to social media marketing, but it’s one that happens to work.

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