What to Look for in Nashville Web Design

If you’re the kind of person who spends your days running a company, and not thinking about the ins and outs of business web design, then finding the right creative team to help you build a strong web presence can be challenging. Most business people simply don’t know how to compare the different companies that… Read More »

Nerd Blasphemy: “Sass & Less Really Aren’t That Great*”

I know that a lot of people will disagree and call me a blasphemer for saying so but… using Sass and Less for CSS really isn’t that great in my opinion*. The asterisk is added because I should say that for most websites Sass and Less really aren’t needed and can unnecessarily muddy the waters…. Read More »

Custom WordPress Development vs Pre-Built WordPress Themes

At Nashville Interactive, we are first and foremost a custom WordPress developer. WordPress is by far the leading content management system used for websites. There are a number of reasons for its popularity including ease of use, rapid development, a readily available support community and of course, it’s open source. For these reasons, most website… Read More »

Don’t Hide From Your Brand Behind Your Business

You have a brand whether you like it or not. Musicians, businesses, You, Me; we all have a brand. Think of your brand as what people think of you. A brand is in everything that your customers, fans and friends experience when they look, see, smell, hear and/or taste things having to do with you…. Read More »

What Happened To Artist and Musician Brands?

A quick disclaimer that this is basically a just a rant by the slowly aging designer in me. I can already hear myself saying, “back in my day…”. With that being said, when I think of artist or musician brands, logos, etc., I automatically think back to Aerosmith, Van Halen, Run DMC, Misfits, Wu-Tang, The… Read More »

Website Design Companies and Using Self-Hosted Open-Source Solutions

One thing that I strive for is transparency in the website design process. Open-source content management systems and working closely with clients are a couple of ways that Nashville Interactive achieves this transparency in website design. Clients love it. I love it. Everyone’s happier in the end. It’s a win-win. Just to clear things up,… Read More »

12th & Porter’s Music City Breakthrough Contest

Nashville Interactive is proud to be a part of 12th & Porter’s Music City Breakthrough contest to help new artist development. The winner will receive a great prize package including recording time at Blackbird Studio, prime placement on MTV/CMT artists homepage, record pressing, merch package, video recording, live recording at 12th & Porter, Photo shoot,… Read More »

Freelance Designer/Developer or Agency?

A while back, I posted about The Advantages of Small Web Design Shops vs Agencies and thought it was time for a refresher on the topic. Being the former, I’m definitely biased, though I’m realistic about the limitations and advantages of both scenarios. Having worked at and done contract work for advertising, marketing and web… Read More »

WordPress Built in WP-Cron Can Cripple Your Website Performance

WordPress is great and I sing its praises all day long but that being said, it needs some help right out of the box in order to perform to its full potential. One big culprit of a slow WordPress site can be the built-in WP Cron (wp-cron.php file). WordPress cron can run a lot and… Read More »

Sharing Widgets and Content Between WordPress Multisite Blogs

WordPress Multisite is great but sharing content between blogs is a bit of a pain. Right now the only solid option is the good old switch_to_blog() function. Research tells us that this is a memory-hungry function that isn’t suitable for larger, high-traffic sites and some say not suitable for the font-end at all. That being… Read More »

A Nashville Interactive Take on Restaurant Website Design

A restaurant website isn’t an overly complicated undertaking but as with all projects it should be taken seriously and focus on usability, quick access to key info like phone, directions and menus and should also build the brand. Usability When a project also allows for a mobile version of the restaurant’s website, we’re all for… Read More »

World Travelers Tell Their Stories Via a New Blog Design for Belmont University

Nashville Interactive just launched a fresh website design for Belmont University’s Lumos Travel Awards Blogs. The Lumos Travel Awards allow students to travel the world and engage in a wide array of projects to better communities abroad. The blog design project itself entailed custom design and WordPress development to allow dozens of users to tell… Read More »