3 Simple Ways to Make Your Website Stickier

Although they never say it in so many words, a lot of new clients come to us because they wish their websites could be “stickier.” In other words, they are tired of checking their web analytics package and finding that new potential customers have come to their websites, looked around for half a minute or… Read More »

WordPress Sitemap Page Without a Plugin

Plugins are great sometimes. Other times, it’s much better to just drop a few lines of code into your theme’s functions.php file to simplify things and help with performance. Here’s a relatively simple DIY WordPress sitemap complete with shortcode that’s easily dropped into any WP page. You can use the ‘exclude’ parameter to exclude specific… Read More »

The Importance of Installing an SSL Certificate on Your Website

Online security is paramount in today’s connected world. It seems that every other day we’re seeing news articles about high-profile hacking attempts, ransomware, identity theft and DDOS attacks. All this press means that your website visitors quite possibly have an inherent lack of trust toward websites, especially when entering their personal and payment information (as… Read More »

Are You Paying Enough Attention to Local SEO?

Google and the other search engines have essentially killed the effectiveness of the Yellow Pages and other print directories, both in Nashville and throughout North America. That means that in order to reach the same buyers you would have in the past, you need to take advantage of local search engine optimization for your business… Read More »

Thoughts on Paid WordPress Themes and Their Drawbacks

It’s no secret that we think WordPress is a great thing. Nashville Interactive uses it as the CMS (content management system) on 90% of projects we do. While it’s a very flexible and easy-to-use system, there’s a trend of developers and agencies using pre-fab, paid WordPress themes to build their client’s websites. While this isn’t… Read More »

A Three Website Week

Every week is busy but this was a big one. Many weeks see the launch of a website and sometimes even two but this week Nashville Interactive had a hand in three website launches, including a revamp, a redesign and a brand new site. The revamped site was for CORE (Children of Restaurant Employees) and… Read More »

Why Your Small Business Should be Using E-Commerce

A lot of small business owners tend to think that e-commerce is just for big businesses with dedicated online stores. Few things could be further from the truth. If you have products to sell, you should probably be selling some of them online. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why small businesses like… Read More »

3 Steps to Help Musicians Cultivate Their Online Brands

Establishing the right brand is critical to musicians and bands. In fact, it’s even more important to performers than it is to businesses. That’s because people might keep buying products and services from a company, even if they don’t like their branding, because of other factors like pricing and location. When potential fans don’t connect… Read More »

What Makes Internet Marketing Different in Nashville?

Contrary to what a lot of Internet marketing “experts” would have you believe, there are differences in the way you approach the job of finding customers online in different parts of the country, and around the world. That’s particularly true in Nashville, where we have a fun, diverse community that likes a little more personality… Read More »

Two Reasons WordPress Development is a Good Investment

Lots of business owners come to us asking for “a WordPress website,” which seems easy and affordable, but raise their eyebrows when we mention the topic of “WordPress development,” which they imagine will be technical and expensive. The reality is that good WordPress development is neither, and goes hand-in-hand with strong business web design. What’s… Read More »

Why Use a Subcontracted Nashville Web Designer?

Occasionally, I meet with business owners and creative directors at other web design agencies across Nashville who are interested in working on a subcontractor arrangement, but have never given it a try. If you’re one of them, you might be wondering what the benefits are. In general, there are two reasons to use a subcontracted… Read More »

Restaurant Website Design – Green Hills Grille Nashville

Nashville Interactive recently launched a fresh website for Green Hills Grille. The restaurant is a new take on an old west Nashville favorite. We provided custom design and development services with a focus on mobile usability via responsive design techniques. The site features online menus as well as downloadable versions, reservation and gift card integration,… Read More »